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3 Reasons Why the Open Office Workspace Idea is Fizzling Out


Look at this story from the Washington Post in December that describes why open office environments reduce productivity even though people seem happier.

Google Boolean Search Tips


Want to know how to be a master user of Google. You need to become a master of the Boolean search. I just came across this article on advanced Google search tactics. It’s great.

How to make business networking fun


Mashable article on Business networking ideas

What More Can Ashley Madison Teach You Besides Cheating On Our Spouse


While it’s easy to dismiss the fallout from the Ashley Madison hack as a circus act because of the nature of the service, there are a number of lessons for all brands in this sordid affair.

Can Los Angeles Beat the Drought?


Heal the Bay board member and former DWP chief David Nahai knows his water. Here he shares how the city of Los Angeles will beat the drought.

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