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I am formerly, an attorney (Fordham Law School) and a CPA (Kenneth Leventhal & Co.). Currently my digital marketing firm focuses on designing and building websites and social profiles for clients and then driving traffic with SEO, PPC and other Web Marketing and online branding strategies.

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12 Easy Techniques You Can Do To Avoid Cold Calling


This picture says it all. Cold calling really sucks. It’s a numbers game of course. And if you have a process, you can produce results. The question is though if that is the best way to grow your business. I found this really quick read. Some great techniques here. https://www.gitomer.com/articles/View.html?id=16217 Here are some of the keep reading

Have you heard about the six month $1500 sandwich?


TheVerge.com article on making a very expensive sandwich

Can you write killer content without writing anything at all?


Content ideation ideas to make writing easier and more impactful.

The Secret Formula for Attracting Customers


The Secret Formula for Attracting Customers is about engagement and relationhips

Sparking a conversation about investing in yourself


Sparking a conversation about investing in yourself from staff writer William Cowie at Get Rich Slowly blog

‘Money Cannot Buy What Time Delivers’


Time and money. So much of life comes down to those two things

Screw the lettuce. Pass the healthier greens.


Washington Post has a great article on the dangers of salads in terms of fooling us into thinking they have nutritional value. Maybe we should all buy the zucchini spaghetti maker and start filling out salad bowls with more nutritious vegetables.

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