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‘Money Cannot Buy What Time Delivers’

Public domain image from Google Images [1]
As we get older, we often try to use money as a substitute for what we lack in time — but dollars are no match for days.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to read a post in the Simple Dollar which covered a wonderful article from Kevin Kelly entitled More Time, More Money [2]. Here’s the idea behind the post:

I’ve traveled extensively for 40 years. In almost every style there is. Been pampered in first class: I remember a time in Bangkok where they put me up in the Grand Orient Hotel on the river and I was assigned a personal butler who sat outside my room awaiting my wishes. I’ve hitchhiked penniless, too. I walked a thousand miles on my feet one trip. Ridden a bicycle across the US, twice. Traveled as a couple in Europe, traveled with a family of five in Asia, travelled in a unwieldy group of 16, been on organized tours — and been on my own years at a stretch. I lived abroad in an old city. Once I was on the move every night for 9 months, and one time flew to Hawaii on a door-prize win! The point is I’ve travelled every way possible, and I’ve learned you need only two things (besides good health): some time and money.

Time and money. So much of life comes down to those two things.

Read the rest of the article for more details. Kind of a nice monologue on Carpe Diem.

via ‘Money Cannot Buy What Time Delivers’ [3]