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Sep 8, 2015, 3:57 am


I found a blog called Get Rich Slowly. It got me thinking about this idea of investing in myself. I am definitely more eduated than the average bear having earned a CPA at Yeshiva University (and passing the New York CPA exam) and a JD (after attending Fordham law school and passing the New York Bar). But my career path has been anything but educated unless you count the hard knocks of a street education.

So before i get all teary eyed, I thought I would share this short piece by one of their staff writers William Cowie. He covers some angles on the notion of investing in you. I am sure i will have more to say on the matter as this Bull Sheet blog expands.

You’ve heard it before, many times probably: Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Really? How do we know that’s true?

Google the term “investing in yourself” and you’ll find numerous references to things like explore your creative side, nurture your mind and body, sleep and relax, say no to others, do things you love. You get the picture. The term is commonly used as a metaphor for self-improvement, and that’s fine. But since Get Rich Slowly is a site about money, we should attempt to bring a more precise understanding of terminology like “investing” to the table. Maybe we should explore what “investing in yourself” actually looks like, from a financial point of view to better understand when it would be a wise move.

Read the rest of the article below.

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